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New standard for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies - IEC 61439

Note: The transition period ends on 23/09/2014

The new standard, IEC 61439, replaces IEC 60439 and describes the design and the test specifications for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. The new standard affects the equipment used in the distribution of electrical
energy in industry, the domestic electrical installation and on construction sites.

In the future two main standards will be required for each design of a low-voltage switchgear and control gear assembly:
❐ The basic standard that is referenced as „Part 1“ in the specific standards;
❐ The applicable parts 2 to 7 of the switchgear and control gear assembly standard that deals with the particularities of the
The demands imposed on combination units that must be classified as a switchgear and control gear assembly have changed. Structure and manner of verification have been redefined.

What has changed with the new switchgear standard - IEC 61439 and what are the benefits for the MENNEKES customer?

❐ Product safety

In the future, all low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies must be tested in accordance with IEC 61439. The requirement of design verification is new.
Design verification replaces the type test. MENNEKES combination units are subjected to additional standard compliant routine tests. The outgoing circuits are individually loaded with the respective rated current.

Your advantage:
This guarantees an even higher standard of safety.

❐ Clear documentation

Significant rating plate – clearly defined mandatory information, such as rated diversity factor RDF (previously: simultaneity factor).

Your advantage:
The main technical product information is visible on the rating plate at a glance.

❐ Clear specifications

Requests for a custom solution require clearly defined specifications by the user (such as installation site, ambient temperatures, etc.).

Your advantage:
You get a need-based solution by MENNEKES tailored to the specific application.

❐ Distinction: Original manufacturer - manufacturer
If a product is modified on site, the company in question is considered to be the manufacturer. In this case a new verification and documentation are required from this company.

Your advantage:
For combination units that are ready for connection, MENNEKES is the original manufacturer and manufacturer and therefore bears the complete product responsibility.



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