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Screwless connection technology. The ideal CONTACT for every application.

  • The swift connection.

    Looking for quick and easy connection? You can´t miss the MENNEKES TwinCONTACT– a spring terminal in a newly designed socket. Remove the insulation, insert the conductors, and you’re done.The contact is safely in placeand it is even approved as aconnection terminal – undo the conductor, that’s all it takes. Press the red button and remove the conductor – this is our concept of convenient and time-saving handling.

    Colour-coded terminals for unmistakable connections.

  • Through wiring. Safe and easy.
    With the new MENNEKES TwinCONTACT, the connection of CEE
    and/or sockets SCHUKO® is easily established.

    Save time.
    Panel mounted sockets with TwinCONTACT technology. For installation in ducts, distributors, controlcubicles, …

  • StarTOP® with SafeCONTACT. Proven insulation displacing technique for plugs and connectors.

    Removes the need to strip back the conductor insulation and pre-treating the conductors. The separate insulation will securely fasten the conductor in position in just one step.
    Suitable for flexible and solid conductors from 1.5 - 2.5 mm² at 16A and flexible conductors from 2.5 - 6.0 mm² at 32A.

  • SafeContact– screwless connection techniques
    from MENNEKES
    . Simple handling and mounting cuts
    labour to a minimum.

    That represents a maximum of time saving. Clearly labled terminals for error-free connection.
    Under cover.
    A stable lock ensures permanent safety.

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