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AMAXX® Evolution. Combination units for Energy, Industrial Ethernet and Automation.

  • Extensively configurable combination units in six different sizes – the AMAXX® range by MENNEKES.

    In the standard version, the upper parts are supplied in electric grey.
    The enclosure has smooth surfaces, which are easy to clean. The sockets are slightly inclined towards the bottom so that less space is required even when the feeder cables are plugged in.
    From SCHUKO® to CEE, from IP 44 up to IP 67, with RCDs, Neozeds or MCBs. Anything goes.

    AMAXX® mobile.
    For all those who need safe distribution on site. With supply cable and plug.

    Made of AMELAN®.
    AMELAN® combines high mechanical, thermal and electrical strength withe xcellent resistance to chemicals and dimensional stability. It is therefore preferably used in the chemical industry, in refineries, in the food proessing industry, in car-wash plants, etc.

  • Industrial Ethernet. Data transfer.
    We are a provider of high-quality industrial plugs and sockets. An example are our AMAXX® combination units. Our competence and the close cooperation with customers, have lead to a new compact solution for energy and data on the basis
    of AMAXX®.

    Easily planned, calculated and ordered.
    All energy and data components from one source. Complete solution instead of individual installations.

    Modular structure.
    Equipped with standard network components. Easy retrofitting or expansion.

    Clearly arranged and appealing.
    Elegant and robust enclosure system. Also available in yellow. Compact design.

    Clear installation advantages.
    Shorter installation times. Less material required. Fast installation of the enclosures.

    Suitable and safe for industrial needs.
    Protected against dust, moisture and other environmental influences. Protection type IP 44 and IP 67. Physical separation of network and energy enclosure.

  • Energy and automation components in one

    AMAXX® Automation offers new perspectives for
    up to date industrial installations. This extended enclosure programme also covers the industrial sectors in automation. Energy, industrial ethernet and automation can be installed jointly, space-saving and professionally in the productive sector with its high mechanical demands.

    Simply planned.
    Enclosure solutions ready for the installation
    of small controls (SPS), actuators, contactors, relays, KNX/EIB, or other electronic and
    pneumatic components.

    Physical separation of network and energy
    enclosure with seperating membrane plate.
    Power supply also possible from the top
    through an empty tube.

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