Mennekes presents a new product portfolio for use in Zone 22

As from now, Mennekes, the leading manufacturer of standardized, industrial plugs and receptacles, once again offers a range of products intended for installation in areas exposed to the risk of explosive dusts, now focusing on product solutions for the co-called Ex Zone 22. 
In this field, Mennekes cooperates with Ceag, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, a market leader for explosion-proof installation materials.  

The product portfolio offered by Mennekes for the dust EX Zone 22 is available ex warehouse and comprises CEE wall sockets and plugs for Zone 22 from 16A to 125A, three-pin to five-pin, protection type IP 66. 

Area of application
Combustible forms of dust occur more often than one might imagine: 80 percent of the forms of dust occurring in industrial plants are combustible. They can occur during the processing of: wood, fiber, coal, food, fertilizer, feeding stuff, metal and metal alloys. Explosive atmosphere and combustible dusts can also be created during the processing of chemical products like plastic, resin and rubber.
Electrical operating devices used in such areas must meet particular requirements. This applies not only to installations for mixing, milling and conveying, but also to the electrical plugs and sockets used for connecting this equipment. Even the smallest spark in a potentially explosive environment can have devastating consequences. The plugs and sockets offered by Mennekes ensure the safe supply of power to the consumers of electricity in these areas.  

Statutory and standard requirements 
The German Industrial Health and Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) requires that a so-called explosion protection document be produced if a risk assessment indicates that the occurrence of a potentially explosive atmosphere cannot be prevented with absolute certainty.
This explosion protection document must contain, among other things: 
- the explosion risk assessment
- precautions for explosion prevention
- division of the areas into zones (Ex-Zones plan)
The requirements that must be met by the respective, electrically operated installations are then stipulated on the basis of the zone plan. An area in which a potentially explosive atmosphere may occur rarely and for brief periods through combustible dust is designated as Zone 22.
The EN 61241 specifies the requirements to be met by electrically operated industrial installations in potentially explosive areas. It defines, among other things, the requirements in relation to the impact resistance of the housing, the antistatic discharge capability and the ageing resistance of the plastic materials used. 
Meanwhile, in the course of the harmonization of international standards, this standard has been almost completely incorporated into the standards series EN 60079 et seqq. Hence, EN 60079-0 applies to dust explosion protection and, in the future, EN 60079-31 applies to the described type of ignition protection "protection by the housing".
With the type examination certificate/declaration of conformity, the testing body certifies the respective suitability and issues the license. 
Industrial plant operators are obliged to use state-of-the-art products in conformity with the latest technical standards when carrying out new installations.

Product portfolio
The dust EX wiring devices offered by Mennekes for Zone 22 are in conformity with current standards and have received all important national and international licenses. For use in the dust Ex area, they undergo a design test procedure in which they are tested by an independent, authorized, certification body for their technical suitability for use in the Ex Zone 22 (equipment category 3D). To this end, the plugs and sockets are always tested and licensed together, because the plugs and sockets developed for use in the dust EX Zone 22 may only be used with "normal" CEE plugs and sockets under certain conditions. This is ensured by an integrated safety coding system. The switch-on mechanism incorporated in the Zone 22 socket is only released when a suitable plus is used. The product portfolio offered by Mennekes is available ex warehouse and comprises CEE wall sockets and plugs for Zone 22 from 16A to 125A, three-pin to five-pin, protection type IP 66.


Kirchhundem, April 2012.
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