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EverBOX® Grip - The new approach to mobile distribution!

For us at MENNEKES the intensive dialoque with our customers is the most important driving force for innovation and developments. This enables us to respond individually and flexibly to specific requirements. Moreover it provides us with a genuine impression of what is required in terms of solutions for the day-to-day practice of very different industries. Often impetus arises from such insights that drives us to new product innovations. This was the case for the new mobile distributor EverBOX® Grip!

MENNEKES sets standards - in the quality of the products as well as in the intensive Consulting and planning!
MENNEKES works only with materials that meet the highest requirements - suitable for the most extreme loads!

A distributor for all situations…
Born as an idea at a shipyard, developed for use in the shipbuilding industry, produced for use wherever space is limited and the conditions are harsh. Whether in structural steelwork, in stage technology, rescue development for fire departments or disaster response units, but also in demanding outdoor use – you will appreciate the practical, compact design as well as stability of the EverBOX® Grip. Awarded with the Design Plus Award and the German Design Award, is our new mobile distributor the ideal companion for various applications.

Feature overview
Mobile, stable, and handy! These qualities are at the heart of the requirements specification of this new mobile solution. With the EverBOX® Grip, you literally have “a firm grip on everything”. The two grips are not only an effective design feature of the EverBOX® Grip – they also form the connecting, static structure in which the distributor enclosures and fusing elements are reliably integrated. As practical carrying handles they also offer the user an optimal hold for different carrying positions. With this completely new approach to the principle of “mobile distributors” we do not overpromise when we say: With the EverBOX® Grip you have a firm grip on your mobile distribution!

Large grips
Lateral grips offer good handling possibility and simultaneously act as bumpers for the actual distributor enclosure.

Fusing is protected, but easily reachable
Fusing under transparent covers. Easily accessible protective devices.

Robust and impact-resistant enclosure
The actual PE enclosure of the distributor is extremely robust and offers excellent protection for the fitting options – additionally safeguarded via the grips as exterior bumpers.

Grips can be selected in two colors
All EverBOX® Grip combinations can be equipped either with red or black grips.

Protection class
The EverBOX® Grip offers the IP 44 degree of protection.

Easy storage
Thanks to the grips up to four EverBOX® Grip distributors can be stacked one on top of the other.

Receptacles that can be operated from above
The receptacles that can be operated from above offer optimal access thanks to their angled position.

The EverBOX® Grip is available with a permanently installed suplly cable (2 m).