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Flexible project planning

The right product for every application

Ideally the planning of the basic infrastructure should take into account not only the specific needs of an industrial plant but also leave scope from the start for future redistribution or facility changes.

This applies both to the production technology built on it and to ongoing maintenance. MENNEKES' wall mounted combinations can very easily be adapted to new needs. If the combinations are supplied through cables, a re-positioning is possible without much trouble. If there is a desire for stand solutions, which are also to be connected through ground lines, the planning has to be very precise. MENNEKES' technicians are happy to advise you.

We have many years of experience behind us, especially with such solutions, and can gladly incorporate our expertise into concrete planning.

On the other hand, complete flexibility may be attained with suspendable combinations and mobile distributors, which leave full scope in application, even where there are no walls or columns for the installation.

Whether the machine layout changes in production, or test laboratories have to be converted to new processes, or routes for forklifts and pallet trucks have to be kept flexible, suspendable combinations together with a cleverly planned hall distribution can help avoid future problems before they can arise.

… and the right enclosure

When it comes to materials, we at MENNEKES have the right solution for every application. To meet challenges in working areas where chemicals and other aggressive materials are used, enclosures made of AMELAN® offer a higher resistance to all types of fuels, oils, greases, diluted acids and bases as well as cleaners and most aqueous salt solutions. In addition, highly heat-resistant contact carriers and nickel-plated contacts provide safety in highly corrosive environments.

Solid rubber compounds are used mainly where products are exposed to high mechanical and/or chemical stress.

The solid rubber material has excellent dimensional stability, can resist most acids and alkalies and is extremely durable.

Whether at the factory premises or in production, wherever reliable protection is needed against unauthorised access, or where appearances are important, MENNEKES can offer lockable stainless steel combinations.