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Connection technologies for our plugs and sockets

Our plugs and sockets are equipped with different connection technologies for easy, safe and time-saving installation.

Screw terminal connection technology ErgoCONTACT®

Our PowerTOP® Xtra product solutions in 16 and 32 A feature our innovative and convenient screw connection technology ErgoCONTACT®. It allows and easy, safe and ergonomical installation: Instead of entering from the side, the screwdriver is placed straight, directing the pressure towards the grab handle. An additional guide collar also supports the screw trajectory to reduce the risk of injury by slipping. Each contact only requires one screw - these are captive combination head screws that can be fixed with a Philips head or flat head screwdriver. All of the screws are pointing in the same direction. This way you do not have to turn and move your hand around to fix each contact which saves time during installation. 

Screwless insulation displacement technology SafeCONTACT

Our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets in 16 and 32 A are available as the PowerTOP® Xtra S version featuring our insulation displacement technology SafeCONTACT. You do not have to remove the insulation or prepare the conductor which saves time during installation and maintenance. 

Screwless spring terminal technology TwinCONTACT

MENNEKES wall mounted and panel mounted sockets in 16 and 32 A are equipped with out time-saving spring terminal technology TwinCONTACT. You simply remove the insulation from the wire and insert the conductor into the socket. Coded twin clamps securely hold the conductor in the right place. If you want to release the conductor again, you can easily disconnect it by pressing the red release button.

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