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Our PowerTOP® Xtra family: CEE plugs and connectors for all applications

In the manufacturing and mining sectors, in ports, and in recreational vehicle parks: power needs to be reliably supplied in a wide range of challenging situations. We've concentrated all of our CEE know-how in a top-quality product family! Our PowerTOP® Xtra CEE plugs and CEE connectors are available in 16, 32, 63, and 125 A versions. Many of them have been proving themselves in practice worldwide for years in a variety of work environments. The PowerTOP® Xtra: plugs and connectors for professional electricians!

Simply configure and request the appropriate CEE plugs and sockets here:

Taking ergonomics to a new level: with reliable use and a long service life

A special design and robust materials make sure that you'll be able to use our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets reliably and comfortably, even in the most demanding conditions, and that they will have an extra-long service life. Thanks to ergonomically shaped housings, nubbed grip zones, and rubberized nubbed cable glands, these CEE plugs and connectors are easy to grip, lie in the hand perfectly without slipping, even when moist or wet, and have a lifetime of several thousand mating cycles. In the 63 and 125 A plugs and connectors, the cable thread directly adjoins the gland, making it especially easy to clean the plugs and socket surfaces.

The connectors also have an integrated lever for easily opening the cap and holding it open. The connectors also feature a rotating lock between the front part and the gland, enabling quick and secure locking without screws. In the plugs and connectors of the 63 and 125 A versions (with IP 67 ingress protection), the seals on the cover and front of the plug are injection-molded - and therefore impossible to lose.

Ergonomics reinvented: strong Xtras for extra protection

Our PowerTOP® Xtra family reliably supports electricians across industries. Our plugs and connectors are especially tough, ensuring the best possible protection for rough, challenging working conditions:

Protection from dust and water:

Protection against aggressive substances:

  • Our CEE connectors for 63 and 125 A are equipped with high-temperature-resistant insulators and optionally also with nickel-plated contacts. The contact pins of the plugs are also nickel-plated.
  • The 5-pole CEE plugs and sockets for 16 and 32 A are optionally available in a PowerTOP® Xtra R version with the same robust features.

Easy, safe connections thanks to ErgoCONTACT® and SafeCONTACT

Our CEE plugs and connectors in 63 and 125 A are equipped with specially enhanced, innovative, easy-to-use screw-contact ErgoCONTACT® technology. For CEE plugs and connectors with 16 and 32 A, you can take advantage of our advanced, innovative, and convenient ErgoCONTACT® technology. It ensures easy, secure, ergonomic installation: the crucial advantage is that you insert the screwdriver from the top instead of from the side. It is additionally guided by a collar. This prevents it from slipping and minimized the risk of injuries. Each contact has only one screw: a captive combination head screw that is integrated in the collar and can be turned using either a Phillips or flathead screwdriver. All of the screws point in the same direction. This saves time, because it's no longer necessary to rotate the front part in your hand in order to tighten the contact screws of the individual poles one after the other.

Our 16 and 32 A plugs and connectors are also available in the PowerTOP® Xtra S version, which features screwless SafeCONTACT insulation displacement technology. It eliminates the need to strip the insulation off the cables or otherwise prepare them, letting you make connections in less than half as much time as before while also eliminating subsequent maintenance!

Easy installation using a minimum of tools

We have also made it even easier to install the products of our PowerTOP® Xtra family: thanks to the housing's self-guiding thread, a locking slider, and a cable strain relief screw, it's quick and easy to install our CEE plugs and connectors using a minimum of tools.

Effortless insertion and pulling - thanks to X-CONTACT®

All PowerTOP® Xtra connectors feature our X-CONTACT® contact sleeve technology. The elastic sleeves are slotted in an X pattern. When the plug is inserted, its pin opens the contact sleeve aperture of the CEE connector. This makes it extremely easy to connect and disconnect the CEE plug and connector, reducing the required force by 50%. As a result, you can join or separate CEE plugs and connectors at high currents of 63 and 125 A all by yourself.

In the PowerTOP® Xtra couplings for 63 and 125 A, the inner walls of the X-CONTACT® sleeves are also grooved. This combination of grooves on the inside, elastic material, and slotted sleeves makes sure that the plug and connector are securely joined. As an added benefit, the textured surfaces of the contact sleeves automatically rub off dirt and surface degradation by-products when plugging and unplugging. The materials therefore remain free of wear and fatigue, even with rough handling and frequent plugging and unplugging of live cables. And you can continue using our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets safely and reliably for many years.

Do you have any questions on PowerTOP® Xtra? We'll be happy to assist you. Just talk to us!