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Power your Logistics Centres

Power supply for logistics centres

The globalization and e-commerce result in ever more goods that must be transported worldwide. Every day millions of packages and pallets find their way to the customer by sea, rail or truck from a wide variety of companies. To ensure efficient operations in logistics centres, it is essential that shipping, processing, order picking and packing are performed without any disruption. This is an environment where our reliable plugs and sockets as well as combination units show their advantages.

We offer a broad portfolio of product solutions that have already been tested and approved in logistics centres all over the world for years. AMAXX combination units from MENNEKES are available in various sizes and versions. You can also determine the exact specification and placement that is suitable for your business operation and for the individual sections. In addition to SCHUKO® and CEE sockets, combination units can also be fitted with data ports or a compressed-air line.

Other product solutions include our extremely rugged PowerTOP Xtra plugs and connectors, which can be used to connect trailers to the power supply of the logistics centre, as well as our weather-resistant CombiTOWER for outdoors. We also offer wall mounted sockets with an IP44 rating for the decentralized distribution of power within buildings, as well as inlets with built-in phase inverters for trailers.


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