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MENNEKES Weather shield 15682

Weather shield 15682

  • made from stainless steel (material 1.4301)
  • with side blinds
  • cover can be removed from the back
  • for wall mounting or on a column 15530
  • dimensions (H x W x D): 496.5 x 254 x 250 mm
  • surface: bright finish
  • Part no.15682
  • EAN4015394226444
  • Std. Pack. 1
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Technical specifications

Weather shield 15682


Weather shield 15682

Appropriate accessories

Weather shield 15682

MENNEKES Column 15530


Part no. 15530

made from stainless steel (material 1.4301), surface: stainless steel, bright finish (basic column for the shields 15682 and 15683), height approx. 130 mm