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Product solutions for the production of candy and confectionery goods

Stringent requirements for cleanliness and hygiene are in place for food production and food processing business operations in the food industry. Compliance with these regulations and specifications is instrumental in assuring the quality of the product and the health of the consumers. All the while, the constant demand for food products needs to be met. To this end, the manufacturers must be in a position to produce continuously and without any problems.

We provide sockets, plugs and connectors as well as combination units for a decentralized and reliable power supply in your business. All product solutions from MENNEKES undergo stringent inspections to ensure compliance with all the applicable standards and requirements. Our product range further includes IP54 rated products, offering protection from splashing water, as well as product series with an IP67 rating. Our AMAXX combination units and DUOi wall mounted sockets are made from a highly resistant thermoplast called AMELAN. This way, product solutions are resistant to acids, fruit juices, cooking greases and soapy solutions. Our high-quality materials are thus perfectly suitable for use in the making of candy and confectionery goods as well as other sectors of the food industry.

The wall mounted sockets, DUOi, also has captive enclosure screws, and a QR code printed on the product rather than a QR code sticker affixed to it, so that parts cannot inadvertently come loose, fall and end up in food products. The rounded DUOi design repels water, dirt and other substances well, and it can be easily cleaned thanks to an IP67 / IP69 rating. The heavy-duty plugs and sockets of our PowerTOP Xtra family are available with IP54 and IP67 / IP69 ratings. Thanks to proven and innovative connection technologies you can quickly install and service them, saving valuable time. The plugs and connectors lie well in the hand, even when wet, due to the ergonomic design and the studded grip.

Combination units for the Food Industry

The MENNEKES socket combinations AMAXX and DELTA-BOX are particularly recommended for use in the food industry due to their chemical resistance, high degree of protection and variable application options.

Portfolio combination units

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