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Energy and data – distribution and networking

Solutions for the industry 4.0 …

Networking is important in a globalised and industrialised world. Processes increasingly operate digitally, resulting in automation and better control. The consequence: an increased demand for network components in the industry.
Machines often need to link to the intranet and internet, to logistics and online shops, to the manufacturing process and CAD systems to machinery and customers. MENNEKES offers solutions for the distribution of energy or data.

… also easy to retrofit!

A modular system combining energy and data technology is ideal for setting up decentralised networks or sub-networks in harsh industrial environments. Wherever data and energy are needed MENNEKES has a solution.

Energy and data – distributing and networking

... at each point

Today many machines and systems require network connections. In whatever application energy and data are needed, the combination of energy and data distribution in robust industrial quality is one of our strengths.

MENNEKES also offers solutions to the distribution of energy and data in mobile, suspendable or lockable combinations.

... with the media distributor.

Our AMAXX® enclosures meet the requirements of industrial applications. The use of these proven enclosures for network components offers robust and compact solutions for expanding existing networks or for setting up small networks.

If a network expansion is planned, the media distributor by MENNEKES is the perfect solution. The media distributor can be individually fitted with standard active network components and keystones.

The plastic enclosure is ideally suited for installing wireless components. It protects the installed components against dust, moisture and other environmental influences.

Metric screw fitting M 40

with multiple sealing insert, 6 openings for cable diameters of 6-9 mm and blanking plugs

Generous connection area

Combined patch panel

• for fitting 8 manufacturer-independent RJ45 keystones and individual assembly options for active network components
• Recesses compliant with IEC 60603-7: 19.45 mm and 14.91 mm; with threaded grounding screws M 6 for the optional connection of an external ground conductor

Velcro connectors

for attaching the network components