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Clever energy distribution for industry

  • robust, long-lived material
  • fast and safe installation, operation, and maintenance
  • protected from dust and water
  • on request made of special plastic (for protection from aggressive substances)
  • combinations for walls, ceilings, and floors - flexibly configurable
  • easy to connect and disconnect, thanks to a clever contact sleeve technology for plugs and connectors and sockets (16 to 125 A)
  • for added protection, these sockets are automatically mechanically locked when they are switched on or the plug is pulled out
  • data and industrial network distributors with outstanding features
  • special solutions for special requirements

Around-the-clock production: the conveyor belts and machines of a manufacturing plant hardly ever stand still. To prevent downtimes, they need to be consistently and reliably supplied with power and data. We can help! You'll find a variety of tried-and-proven plugs and sockets in our product range. Combination units are available for wall mounting, suspending from the ceiling, and carrying around. For data transmission, we offer a wide range of solutions including industrial network distributors, data port sockets, and compact network distributors.

Plugs and sockets for industry

Thanks to clever features, it's easy for you to install our solutions and safely and reliably use them for years. Our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets boast an ergonomically optimised design, nubbed grip zoness, a rubberised nubbed cable gland, an easy-open hinged cover, and locking sliders to ensure that CEE plugs and connectors are easy to grip, rest perfectly in the hand without slipping, even when moist or wet, and have a lifetime of several thousand mating cycles.

Our plugs and sockets are made of robust, durable materials. The plugs and connectors feature IP 44, 54, or 67 ingress protection, and the sockets IP 44 or 67. This means that they are optimally protected from dust and water. The PowerTOP® Xtra connectors for 63 A and 125 A feature highly heat resistant contact carrier and are optionally available with nickel-plated contacts. The plugs also have nickel-plated contacts. The five-pole plugs and sockets for 16 A and 32 A are also available in a PowerTOP® Xtra R version with the same robust features. They are therefore resistant to aggressive substances.

All of the contact screws of our wall and panel mounted sockets DUO are also easy to reach from the front. The sockets are mechanically locked and the plug can only be connected or disconnected when the current is switched off. The sockets can be additionally secured against unauthorised switching on with a padlock.

Ingenious connection technologies let you quickly and easily install the plugs and sockets using a minimum of tools. Our X-CONTACT® contact sleeve technology is integrated in the PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and in the wall mounted sockets DUO as a standard feature. This also makes it especially easy for you to insert and withdraw plugs at high currents while applying up to 50% less force!

We also offer you the plugs and sockets as high-current versions for industrial networks carrying between 600 and 690 volts. Our product range also includes special high-current versions for nominal currents between 200 and 400 A: the contacts of their plugs, connectors and sockets are silver-plated. In addition to improving electrical conductivity, this also provides maximum protection from corrosion.

Our wall and panel mounted sockets are made of high-quality plastic with foamed housing seals; the wall mounted sockets are also optionally available in special plastic. This provides especially effective protection from chemicals, oils, and similar substances. The special plastic version is also equipped with highly heat resistant contact carrier and nickel-plated contacts.

Combination units for industry

Always the right solution: wall mounted combination units in your hall, you'll find a variety of flexibly configurable power distributors of our AMAXX® and EverGUM® product families, as well as distributor cabinets made of rustproof stainless steel.

Our hanging and mobile solutions let you flexibly reach every last corner of your manufacturing facility: the hanging power distributors AMAXX® combination, AirKRAFT®, 3KRAFT®, and DELTA-BOX® for the ceiling include various additional features: the hanging AMAXX® can be equipped with sockets on both sides, and the DELTA-BOX® accepts up to four sockets. AMAXX®, AirKRAFT® and 3KRAFT® accept several feed lines, while the DELTA-BOX® has only one. All of the hanging combinations can be equipped on request with a compressed air connection: AirKRAFT® and 3KRAFT® right in the housing, and AMAXX® and DELTA-BOX® via an additional external flange.

Mobile combinations of the EverBOX®, EverGUM®, and AMAXX® product families are extremely compact and flexibly configurable and, due to their low weight and solid rubber or plastic housing, easy to transport, impact-resistant, and breakproof.

Our combinations can provide IP 44 or IP 67 ingress protection from dust and water. You can specify your choice of housing material (depending on the product): either a special plastic that provides especially effective protection from chemicals and other aggressive substances or solid rubber.

The free standing combinations available from MENNEKES include steel pipe power posts as well as CombiTOWER® and vertical columns with a weather shields, both of which are made of stainless steel and feature AMAXX® combinations. We'll also be happy to make special versions for you on request. The power posts and CombiTOWER® versions are lockable for extra protection. 

Data and network distributors for industry

The manufacturing processes of many industries have been fully automated and digitized for many years. Machines and systems areintelligently networked, programmed, and operating using a touchscreen or tablet computer. Our solutions help you securely and reliably distribute data in the world of Industry 4.0.

The industrial network distributors of the AMAXX® product family ideally supplement your network solutions. Each distributor comes with a Cepex data port sockets for directly connecting patch cables, plus two SCHUKO® sockets for supplying power to active network components. You can flexibly configure our distributors with standard commercial network components. There is plenty of room in the housing for adding, for example, a switch, router, or Wi-Fi access point. The plastic housing delivers IP 44 ingress protection to keep your networking equipment dry and free of dust.

The compact network distributor made of high-quality plastic comes with a lockable Cepex data socket with two connection modules, two or four SCHUKO® sockets, and IP 44 ingress protection.

Cepex data port sockets from MENNEKES (with both surface-mount and flush installation) can be used with data modules from different manufacturers. They are lockable and equipped with a membrane screw closure for two lines with a diameter of 6 to 9 mm. The sockets are made of plastic, come in a choice of four different housing colors (gray, Alpine white, black, and silver) and deliver IP 44 ingress protection. These solutions are ideally suited for production lines, storage areas, labs, and aircraft manufacturing facilities.

The hanging combinations of our AirKRAFT® and 3KRAFT® product families can be used with a choice of SCHUKO® or CEE sockets up to 32 A, data sockets, or compressed air. They come in a choice of three housing colors: silver, red, and yellow. Up to a maximum of three sockets are possible with 3KRAFT® and up to four with AirKRAFT®. With AirKRAFT®, the housing also has enough room to accommodate GFCI (RCBO) breakers. These combinations are used in the automotive and other industries.

The wall-mount combinations of the AMAXX® product family can be optionally fitted with SCHUKO® or CEE 
sockets up to 63 A, Cepex data port sockets, or RCD and MCB breakers. These combinations come wired and ready to connect, with an internal separator between the data and power functions. They can be retrofitted at any time with data sockets. These solutions are available in three different colors: light gray, silver, and signal yellow.

For monitoring power consumption and compliant power metering, we offer socket combinations of our AMAXX®, EverGUM®, and EverBOX® product families and wall sockets with integrated meters. At the end of the day, this lets you save energy and reduce your costs!

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