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Plugs and sockets for mining

  • robust, long-lived materials for extreme conditions
  • protected from dust, water, and aggressive substances
  • quick and safe to assemble, use, and maintain
  • easy to insert and withdraw thanks to an ingenious contact sleeve technology
  • wall mounted sockets with mechanical locking system for added safety

All sorts of equipment are used in mines, quarries, and pits. To ensure smooth, cost-effective operation, machines, pumps and generators, crushers and screens, distributor boxes, and conveyor belts all need to be reliably supplied with power. The time has come for our solutions:

Safe and easy operation and maintenance

Thanks to ingenious features, it’s simple for you to safely install, operate, and service our products: our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets for 63 and 125 A feature nubbed grip zones, a rubberised nubbed cable gland, frame terminals, and an easy-open hinged cover. This makes sure that they rest securely in the hand without slipping, even in wet and moist conditions. In addition, the plugs and connectors have a rotating lock between the front part and the cover, making them impossible to lose. They also feature injection-molded seals in the connector cover and front part of the plug.

In our practical wall mounted sockets DUO, all of the contact screws can be reached from the front. The sockets are mechanically locked and can only be connected or disconnected when the current is switched off. They can be additionally secured with a padlock. When opening them, a detent lug holds the bayonet ring in place for effortless closure.

Ingeniously designed screw-contact technology let you quickly and easily install the plugs and sockets as well as wall mounted receptacles using a minimum of tools. Our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets as well as wall mounted sockets DUO for 63 and 125 A integrate our X-CONTACT® contact sleeve technology as a standard feature. This also makes it especially easy for you to insert and withdraw plugs, also with high currents, while applying up to 50% less force!

Our plugs and sockets as well as wall mounted sockets are made of robust, long-lived materials and are available with IP 44 or 67 ingress protection. They are therefore optimally protected from dust and water and can continue to be used for years. 

The PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets for 63 and 125 A come with highly heat resistant contact carriers and nickel-plated contacts. They are therefore resistant to aggressive substances and high air humidity. For rated currents between 160 and 600 A, we offer special high-current connectors. The contacts are silver-plated. In addition to improving electrical conductivity, this also provides maximum protection from corrosion. The robust aluminum housing withstands loads up to a metric ton. The high-current connectors for 500 to 600 A work reliably within a temperature range from -40° to +80°C, all other high-current connectors are designed for -40° to 100°C, and the PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets are suited for between -25° and 40°C.

Our wall mounted sockets DUO are made of high-quality plastic with foamed or special plastic housing seals. This provides especially effective protection from chemicals, oils, and similar substances. The special plastic version is also equipped with highly heat resistant contact carriers and nickel-plated contacts.

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