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Plugs and sockets

For everyday use

Lots of connectors are used in every mining operation. They need to constantly withstand dirt, dust, water and considerable mechanical stresses, especially underground. High quality and long life are therefore essential, since every downtime caused by loss of power can quickly incur huge costs. MENNEKES supplies both mobile plug-and-socket solutions and wall mounted sockets that are optimally designed and built to withstand the brutal conditions typical of the mining industry.

For example, our inlets and the 63 A and 125 A plugs and connectors of the PowerTOP® Xtra family boast highly heatresistant contact carrier and nickel-plated contacts. This ensures dependable connections and high resistance, also in aggressive atmospheres. Our wall-mount sockets with DUO interlock also deliver outstanding user-friendliness in a robust enclosure. The contact screws can all be reached from the front, and they can only be inserted or removed when there is no power.

Our plugs and sockets are also available with IP 44 and IP 67 protection ratings. All 63 A and 125 A connectors and sockets feature X-CONTACT®, the new MENNEKES sleeve technology that reduces the effort required for insertion and withdrawal by up to 50%.

For special requirements

MENNEKES also has a heavy-duty series for nominal currents up to 200 A, 250 A and 400 A and nominal voltages up to 1,000 V. In these high-current versions the contacts are silver-plated for superior electrical conductivity and corrosion protection. In the 250 A and 400 A versions, damaged contact parts can be replaced from the front, so there’s no need to disconnect the line.

The enclosures of wall mounted sockets take a particularly great beating in mining, so their materials have to be robust. MENNEKES emloys a highly chemicalresistant plastic, for products used in highly aggressive environments. The DUO wall mounted sockets made of highly chemicalresistant plastic for up to 500 V is therefore especially apt for underground use. Its standard features include highly heat-resistant, nickel-plated contacts, which add to its service life in mining applications.

PowerTOP® Xtra in 63 A and 125 A

DUO wall mounted sockets

High-current plugs and connectors

DUO wall mounted sockets with increased resistance to chemicals

  • rubberized non-slip grip zones
  • frame terminals
  • highly heat-resistant contact carrier
  • nickel-plated contacts
  • IP 67 protection class
  • switched; mechanical interlock
  • padlockable
  • detent lug holds bayonet ring in place when opening for effortless closure
  • foamed enclosure seals for added safety: silicone-, CFC- and halogen-free
  • 200 - 400 A
  • contacts with protective coating
  • robust quality and long life
  • highly reliable
  • wall sockets with mechanical or electrical locking
  • highly resistant to chemicals
  • highly heat-resistant contact carriers and nickelplated contacts
  • mechanically disengageable lock