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Sturdy combination units for tunnels and train stations

In tunnels and around and within train stations: equipment installed here has to withstand extreme and constantly changing conditions. It has to meet exacting requirements in terms of stability and security. Our specially developed receptacle combinations reliably support you when doing demanding work in tunnels or at train stations. They perform consistently, alsoin strong wind and bad weather. We offer permanently installable, mobile, and free standing receptacle combinations for tunnels and train stations.

Permanently installed combination units for tunnels and train stations

The combination units of the AMAXX® product family are ideally suited for use in railway tunnels with extreme pressure conditions and for all kinds of work in and around train stations. They can be flexibly equipped with different sockets and switches. Depending on your requirements, you can even freely combine CEE and SCHUKO® sockets as well as fault current switches and circuit breakers. See-through panels give you a quick overview and access while providing optimal protection. The modular structure of the AMAXX® enclosure ensures plenty of room for connecting cables, also thick ones. Thanks to pull-out carry rails and a hinged cover, our combination units are quick and easy to install. The combination untis for tunnels and train stations include IP 67 ingress protection and are therefore impervious to dust and water. 

All required approvals and permits have been obtained for our AMAXX® combination units for tunnels and train stations from DB Netz AG in Germany (in accordance with the 954 . 9107 guideline), ÖBB in Austria and SBB in Switzerland, among others.

The combination units of the EverGUM® product family support your work in streetcar tunnels or around train stations.

Our combination units for tunnels and train stations are available with housings made of different robust materials. Our AMAXX® combination untis are available in high-quality plastic (also halogen-free for tunnel systems) or special plastic. The special plastic has enhanced mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties to resist chemicals and other aggressive substances such as oils, fuels, and diluted acids. The enclosure of the EverGUM® line are made of a solid rubber blend. This material excels with high dielectric strength and creep resistance.

Mobile and free standing combination untis

On train station platforms, in maintenance plants or in cleaning facilities: servicing, maintenance and cleaning work has to follow tight schedules. This makes it even more important for all power distributors to work flawlessly. To ensure this, we offer you the flexibly configurable mobile combination units of the EverGUM® product family.

Our CombiTOWER® track combination unit is the ideal power distribution solution in areas around train tracks. These distributors provide you with all required connections for electric power and compressed air right where work needs to be done: in marshalling yards or at sidings used to service or park rolling stock. The CombiTOWER® is optionally available with a lockable door. A standard tumbler lock lets you optimally integrate the tower in existing locking systems. These distributors are available with ingress protection classes IP 44 to 67 to comply with the requirements of rail operators.

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