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Receptacle combinations for shipyards, ports, and ships

In shipyard halls and docks, many experts have to work together both across large distances and close together. Every task must be done with precision, and machines and materials precisely and safely operated and moved. Containers and merchandise are loaded and unloaded in ports, and an army of laborers works incessantly. Especially the functional areas of a container or passenger ship have to be supplied nonstop with energy: equipment and machine rooms, reefers, storage areas, galleys and more. This calls for electric power, which must be safely and reliably distributed via mobile and/or stationary gear. Whether you're a production or maintenance manager or planner, you can count on getting the right solution from us to meet your needs.

Stationary solutions for shipyards, ports, and ships

Our AMAXX® combination units for wall mounted combination units and our CombiTOWER® with AMAXX® save space and are flexibly configurable: ideal for a wide range of uses in ports and for supplying power to reefers and container cranes. Thanks to clever features, our combinations can be quickly and easily installed by a single person. The standard versions of the AMAXX® range products are made of robust plastic; versions made of a special enhanced plastic are also available for extra protection against saltwater and other aggressive substances. These combinations feature IP 44 or IP 67 ingress protection and are therefore highly resistant to penetration by water and dust.

Ships and ferries moored in ports can be supplied with power in various ways, for example with onboard generators or via power lines from shore. We'll be happy to develop robust custom land-based power supply solutions for you in accordance with the DIN VDE 0100- 709, part 7-709 standard for ports. These solutions are designed and built to resist seawater and strong winds. They ensure that your ship or ferry will always have the power it needs, also with long-term mooring.

Mobile solutions for shipyards

The low-weight mobile distributors of our EverGUM® and EverBOX® product families feature a compact, space-saving design and practical grips for easy carrying; they can also be stacked. We originally developed the EverBOX® Grip at the suggestion and wish of a customer in the shipbuilding industry. The EverGUM® comes in robust solid rubber while the EverBOX® is made of plastic. Both materials are extremely impact-resistant and breakproof. EverGUM® has IP 44 ingress protection and EverBOX® IP 44 or IP 67.

Our EverBOX® products include additional functions: they can be equipped for 16 to 125 A and the housing frame and grips additionally safeguard receptacles and connected equipment. The fuses are clearly visible behind clear covers and very easy to access and change.

On request, we'll be happy to make special custom solutions for you - like our inspection trolleys. Among others, the Meyer Werft shipbuilding company relies on them. This product can be carried by a crane and is equipped with rollers for mobility. It features a sturdy steel frame, can be flexibly equipped with various receptacle on both sides, and includes a main switch, a socket for a feeder line, and eyes for being picked up and moved by a crane.

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