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Production of wind turbines

Our product solutions are used even before energy is actually generated. The component parts of the wind turbine are produced modularly for fast and easy assembly later on site. Rotor blades, tower segments, and nacelles for onshore and offshore wind turbines are all produced in large production facilities. Given the ever-increasing worldwide demand for new wind turbines, production is in full swing and a reliable power supply is essential in this regard.

To ensure a secure power supply in production plants of this dimension, decentralized, large-scale energy distribution is required. Our AMAXX combination units can be custom-equipped with CEE sockets and SCHUKO® sockets as well as data ports and compressed air connections. This means that you can reliably supply all areas of your plant with power and other media. In addition to AMAXX combinations in various sizes and equipment options, we also offer our compact distributors with power sockets and data sockets.

The nickle plated contacts of our plugs and sockets are particularly resistant to the glass-fiber dust that accumulates during rotor blade production. We offer decades of experience in supporting our customers in the planning and implementation of their projects. Our product specialists are always available to you for any questions – before, during, and after your project is concluded.

Plugs and sockets for the Wind turbines

We offer various wall and surface-mounted sockets for power distribution in the tower and nacelle of wind turbines. You can find the right product solutions here on the corresponding product pages:

Portfolio Plugs and sockets

Combination units for the Wind turbines

Our individually equipable AMAXX combination units and other wall mounted power distributors for use within the systems can be found here:

Portfolio combination units

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