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Stable power supply on ships

  • robust, durable materials for extreme conditions
  • flexibly configurable combinations
  • fast and safe installation, operation, and maintenance
  • protected from dust and water
  • SCHUKO® wall mounted receptacles, resistant to pressurised water
  • if wished, combinations and receptacles made of special plastic (e.g. to protect against saline seawater) are available
  • easy to connect and disconnect, thanks to a clever contact sleeve technology for plugs and connectors (16 to 125 A) and receptacles (63 to 125 A)
  • special products for refrigerated containers

Shipshape for energy distribution: stationary solutions for shipyards, ports, and ships. Especially the functional areas of a container or passenger ship have to be supplied nonstop with energy: equipment and machine rooms, reefers, storage areas, galleys and more.

Combination units for ships

Our AMAXX® combination units for wall mounted combination units are space-saving and flexibly configurable: ideal for a wide range of on-board facilities. Thanks to clever features, they can be quickly installed by a single person. The products of the AMAXX® range are made of robust plastic, and versions made of special plastic are also available for extra protection from saltwater etc. These combinations feature IP 44 or IP 67 ingress protection and are therefore highly resistant to penetration by water and dust.

Plugs and sockets for ships and refrigerated containers

All of the contact screws of our switchable, mechanically lockable wall mounted sockets DUO are easy to access from the front. On request, we can integrate our X-CONTACT® contact sleeve technology in the 63 A and 125 A wall-mount versions. This also makes it especially easy for you to insert and withdraw plugs at high currents - while applying up to 50% less force! The sockets are made of premium-quality plastic. All DUO products are optionally available made of special plastic with highly heat resistant contact carrier and nickel-plated contacts.

Also highly suitable for ships are our SCHUKO® wall mounted sockets with 16 A. They deliver IP 68 ingress protection and are therefore watertight. This product is additionally protected by a hinged bayonet cover.

Especially for powering reefers, besides various wall mounted sockets DUO with 32 A and AMAXX® combination units we also offer the following products: our wall mounted socket 9562, panel mounted socket 2123 A, and panel mounted inlet 2692, all of which feature nickel-plated contacts, highly heat resistant contact carrier, and time-saving screw-type terminations. The wall mounted socket is made of special plastic that provides protection from aggressive substances, and the bottom part of the housing can be rotated through 180°. The panel mounted socket receives plugs in a straight line, and the panel mounted inlet has a protective hinged cover.

Our AM-TOP® plugs and sockets with 32 A are especially well-suited for powering reefers. Our AM-TOP® products have a robust single-part housing with sealed screw connections for reliable use, also in moist and wet conditions, and time-saving screw-contact terminations for quick and easy installation. The plugs and couplings feature IP 67 ingress protection: ideal for keeping water and dust out.

Our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets are ideal for flexibly and safely providing power on ships: ergonomically optimised design, nubbed grip zones, rubberised nubbed cable glands, an easy-open hinged cover, and locking sliders combine to ensure that plugs and connectors are easy to grip, lie in the hand perfectly without slipping, even when moist or wet, and have a lifetime of several thousand mating cycles.

These plugs and sockets are made of robust, long-lived materials and are available with IP 44, 54, and 67 ingress protection. This means that they are optimally protected from dust and water. The PowerTOP® Xtra connectors for 63 A and 125 A feature highly heat resistant contact carrier and are optionally available with nickel-plated contacts. The plugs also have nickel-plated contacts. The five-pole plugs and sockets for 16 A and 32 A are also available in a PowerTOP® Xtra R version with the same robust features. This ideally protects them from aggressive substances. All of them boast our strength-saving X-CONTACT® contact sleeve technology. Ingeniously designed connections make them quick and easy to install using a minimum of tools.

Container plugs with pe inverter

During routine inspections before shipping, container plugs regularly need to be replaced as they no longer comply with regulations, which takes up a significant amount of time. The auxiliary nose has been removed to allow the plug to be used in 4-pin sockets with a different clock position. As a result, one-third of all container plugs end up in the garbage because improper connection without the auxiliary nose can lead to component overload. Therefore, a secure power connection for the containers is no longer guaranteed.

We offer suitable CEE plugs with a pe inverter, which you can safely and permanently use for your containers. These plugs fit into any 4-pin receptacle - 3h or 6h. The clock position according to IEC 60309 can be easily adjusted to one of the two settings with a screwdriver. This saves time and effort in daily use.

Our container plug with pe inverter is housed in the casing of our standard plug. It is made of high-quality plastic in our trusted MENNEKES quality – produced in Germany and tested in practice worldwide for years. This provides you with robust and durable plugs that are ideally designed for use in container ports and on ships.

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