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Stationary applications for the indoor area

The proverbial lifeline of an event area is the uninterrupted energy supply. The success of a trade fair or event succeeds or fails with the energy supply. MENNEKES offers individually tailored solutions for the establishment of a future-capable energy structure. We work out solutions together with our customers. For example, AMAXX® enclosures offer the possibility of accommodating network components for the extension or for set-up of small networks. We offer an energy measurement system for the monitoring of energy consumption at trade fairs or events. With this energy measurement system you also have the possibility of integrating ground fault circuit breakers that sensitive to universal currents, and/or fire protection switches (in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-420). The options of combining power and water connections in the form of a wall-mount and flush-mount solution, or as a freestanding solution offer versatile implementation possibilities. For example, as a flush-mount solution in stainless steel that is as robust as it is elegant.

AMAXX® combination units

Flush-mounted combinations for power and water connection

  • can be also fitted with data port sockets to individual options
  • colour variants yellow, silver, electric grey, or black
  • easy set-up and extension through modularity
  • sealable – fuses (RCD/MCB) central on-site
  • modern design
  • energy and water available on-site
  • integration in the building architecture
  • lockable even when plugs are connected

Mobile applications for trade fair stands

Suitable distributors for on-site implementation

Professionals ensure that the mobile distributors are suitable for harsh everyday operation and that they satisfy the rigorous requirements stipulated in BGV A3. For example, the installed SCHUKO® sockets consistently satisfy the new standard regulations of set out in DIN VDE 620-1 for mobile devices. MENNEKES mobile distributors are impact-resistant, dimensionally stable, weather-resistant, and resistant to aging. For safety of man and machine the energy powerhouses are equipped with protective switches, RCD devices and circuit breakers that are in-line with the requirements. These are accessible directly on-site. Should the need arise, this saves the time-intensive trip to the main distribution. Thus the mobile distributors are ideally suited as trade fair stand supply units with suspension and hang-up fixture. In this regard, functionally and spatially they adapt perfectly to the specific requirements: Through suspension/hangup and set-up they integrate effectively in every trade fair stand, and they can be individually fitted with CEE plugs and sockets SCHUKO®, RCD and CB switches, switch-On/switch-Off elements, load-break switches, energy meters or energy measurement systems.

EverGUM trade-fair stand distributor

AMAXX® trade-fair stand combination

EverBOX® – mobile distributors

Mobile EverGUM distributors

  • can be integrated in the trade fair stand (walls)
  • available with suspension or hang-up fixture
  • safe distribution on-site
  • robust enclosure
  • On/Off switch can be integrated
  • fusing on-site (for example with fire protection switch in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-420)
  • available with or without supply cable
  • robust
  • stackable
  • easy handling with integrated handles
  • robust
  • colour – signal yellow