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Event technology indoors and outdoors

CEE plugs and sockets in black

In many cases the power supply of the event area must not be visible. The technology on stage, on television or for open-air events must remain concealed from the eye of the spectator.

Here as well, MENNEKES offers suitable solutions with CEE plugs and sockets in black. The light of the spotlights is not reflected so that the CEE plugs and sockets, combination units and mobile distributors are virtually invisible. MENNEKES offers a broad spectrum of CEE plugs and sockets and CEE combinations for these special applications. In a functional black design, like all products from MENNEKES, they are likewise configured for extreme, failsafe, continuous operation.

CEE-plugs and connectors

Combination units

Mobile distributors


Event technology outdoors configured for the harshest conditions

At events in soccer stadiums, for example, the plugs and sockets are subjected to the harshest conditions. For power supply of solariums for the lawn, the plugs and sockets are on the freshly-mown lawn. This means that grass cuttings can get on the contacts. The deposits then collect in the socket. This can cause the plugs and sockets to "deteriorate". With X-CONTACT® MENNEKES has the optimal solution for this situation.

Industrial plugs and sockets for 63 A and 125 A are often subjected to the most extreme stresses: They must function reliably in spite of contamination and wet conditions. Conventional CEE plugs and sockets were always a compromise between operating convenience and contact quality: you got either the one or the other. Previously, this dilemma appeared to be unavoidable due to the physical conditions. With X-CONTACT®, MENNEKES is now presenting a system that combines the utmost reliability of the electrical connection with the utmost operating convenience. Secure contact and simple handling are now at the same high level, even at currents of 63 A or 125 A.

This is made possible through the special pretreated material, innovative workmanship, and the new shaping. Look into the opening of an X-CONTACT® sleeve and you will recognise the intelligent principle: The x-shaped slotting and grooving of the inner wall offers specific advantages in the application. The new sleeves defy the harshest conditions. The interaction of spring suspension and grooving not only guarantees secure contact closure, it also offers the practical side-effect that all types of contamination will be brushed off when inserting and withdrawing. Corrosion on surfaces is also properly scraped off through the spring effect of the sleeves.